Today in Affurmative Action


My cat, Thomas, is completely black and he's awesome. I don't know why black cats aren't the most popular. Everyone should get one.
I'm not even a warlock. I AM a minion of Satan, but my duties are mostly ceremonial and Thomas never gets involved.
Awww crap, they have the cutest Aussie Shepherd/Pit mix and a gorgeous Pitbull girl that looks like maybe a blue brindle??? Screw the Slog Pitbull haters, those two are adorable/gorgeous and I want to go snap up both of them!
@1 My black cat, Wompus, has also been quite awesome. And unlike my blond dog, his fir doesn't show on the burgundy couch.
I have an all-black dog. I think of her as a slimming fashion accessory.
Actually Goldy, Black Dog Syndrome is a real thing and I'm guessing that's what they're attempting to counteract here with their special "Black Friday" promotion.

Black dogs (and other animals, I'm guessing) are often the last to be adopted for a number of factors. Some of these include:

-fear/superstition about black animals
-black dogs are not as easily photographed (think about online adoption sites) and don't stand out as much in poorly lit kennel areas

Google it and see for yourself. Here's a good link to start with:…

And then go adopt a black dog.
RatGirl's right. When I volunteered at PAWS, we had to really talk up the black cats to prospective adopters, especially, because of superstition.
I was amazed that people discriminate against black animals due to superstition. I have friends that recently rescued a black greyhound. The dog was originally from Florida, but they shipped him up to the Pacific Northwest because we have slightly higher rates of adoption for black animals. When my friends share pictures of their black dog with distant family members, the family was surprised they picked such an inauspicious pet to adopt.

So glad I grew up sheltered from crazy.
My tuxedo cat, Alfie, has the cutest curled half-moustache. He is also a super cuddly terror of a cat. (He has the housekeeping skills of a toddler: "ooh, things on a table? now they are on the floor!")

But we love him very much. Black cats ftw.
I couldn't wait until Friday! Adopted a black kitten (and an orange tabby kitten) yesterday. Saw another family adopting a second black one, too. These are great folks to adopt from--they've actually been getting animals from local pounds so they can be placed in foster homes until they get adopted.
I had a big black cat named Brute growing up who could fetch plastic champagne corks. He also knew how to pull a jumprope with wooden handles hanging next to the door to make a knocking sound so we knew he wanted inside. Best pet I've ever had.
@9 that's awesome—and good for you! I would love to adopt more cats but my kitty is a hater. He doesn't want to share me with anyone. So it's just him and me for the next 20 years.
My mom was generally not a superstitious person, but she wouldn't let us have a black dog. She thought they were meaner than dogs of any other color. I have no idea why - most of the black dogs I have known have been absolute sweeties.
@5. So right. BBD syndrome. Big black dogs are the least likely to be adopted out at shelters:( Several PhD level animal behaviorists have written about BBDs.
Proud to love my big black pit bull:) And Gaia, our black kitty who passed in 2009 was pretty rad too
Our family has adopted a completely black cat and a tuxedo cat* both from a shelter, and they're two amazing critters. It baffles me that there is still a stigma against black animals.

*Thanks for that term, ssmary! I'm using that now! And also, we tell ourselves that the similar behavior exhibited in our cats is an interest in physics.
With the reasons above, and also maybe they have extra black cats from last month...I understand many shelters don't adopt out black cats during October
@15 This. I love black dogs (and tolerate black cats as well as any cats) and love to see them adopted. But I cringe at promotions like this that waive adoption fees entirely, especially for animals that are such a target of superstition. Animal-rescue people fear the possibility of sending a dog home with an abuser like parents fear that their kids' babysitter might be a child molester. But there's no way to eliminate the risk entirely. We just have to do our best and keep fixing dogs and cats as they come in to keep the numbers of unwanted animals from skyrocketing.
What is it with Slog commenters? Yeah, I have a black cat too.
(Goes with the white snake)
I had a black cat named Friday, and another named Charley-Barley (aka Chuck). I currently have an all-black dog (and a blonde one too). Adoptees, all, and not an aggressive bone in any of them. Well, Friday could be a butt sometimes, but that's just expected, right? It was more odd to me that the other cat was never a butt.
We were adopted by a Bombay kitten last month; he was meowing at our door in the middle of the night. Lovely little "parlor panther" with copper penny eyes. The little guy is a furry little serial killer at heart though. He is indoor, but brings us "kills" every night and leaps five feet straight up the window at the birds and squirrels outside our window. He is also a sweetheart to our lab who is dying of metastic hemangiosarcoma.
Cat-love thread! Such a relief after those recent puppy posts. @19, we currently have a Charlie-Barley ourselves (aka Charleston Chew), whom we adopted from Paws, but he's a gigantic grey tabby. His new little sister Lulu was adopted just weeks ago. She is all black, but for a tiny off-center shock of white on her forehead, but she is the love-bug while the big (non-black) cat is kind of a butt - especially when wrestling her with his 300% weight advantage. Then they groom each other.
@11 If you really would like to have more cats, it's worth talking to a behaviorist. Sometimes there is something that cat be done for an angry cat.
I just lost my little black cat Buffy a few weeks ago. She was such a love, but dear god noisy! She never shut up. Every thought she had had to be expressed. The house is too quiet now.
Our home wouldn't be complete without our 20lb bubby Edward. She's all black, all sweet, and easily the chattiest cat in the house.

I have heard what sound like legitimate arguments against black cats, though. While it definitely might be BS, i've been told that short-hairs tend to produce more dander, which i can at least confirm with ours. Wouldn't trade her for anything, though.
@Goldy: But what about his pine?
@21: hee! Two charley/ie-barleys :)

But to be honest I wouldn't call my post cat love! I am a dog person through and through. The cats just sorta ended up with me. It's a long story. They were alright, I guess, haha. Anyway. My point was just that hating on black pets is nonsense, be they cats, dogs, bunnies, or what have you.
@20 I'm sorry to hear about your lab. Losing a pet is so damn hard. Vets need to figure out how to extend their lives by about 50-60 years.
@26, yeah, I was really just being contrary. I grew up with dogs - big dogs - that could run around in the country. Cats are my urban go-betweens, but I sure am growing to love them.
@ 27,

Thank you. Thankfully he doesn't seem to know and appears content in the knowing he is loved.