• Paws

If you are a witch or a goth looking for animal companionship, does PAWS have a deal for you:

This Black Friday, we're waiving adoption fees for all black and mostly black adult cats and dogs! And in case your Friday is so full of shopping you just can't make it in, we're extending the special all weekend long, November 23-25. Welcome a new friend into your family and give them the second chance they deserve. You can't put a price on companionship.

Well, apparently you can put a price on companionship—at least on black and mostly black animals—and for one weekend at least, that price is free!

Also, PAWS just sent out a press release announcing a KITTEN AND PUPPY EMERGENCY!!! They have more than 150 kittens and puppies that need homes right away. So adopt a kitten or puppy today.