The Israeli government on Sunday said it has been hit with more than 44 million cyberattacks since it began aerial strikes on Gaza last week. Anonymous, the hacker collective, claimed responsibility for taking down some sites and leaking passwords because of what it calls Israel's "barbaric, brutal and despicable treatment" of Palestinians.
"The war is being fought on three fronts," Carmela Avner, Israel's chief information officer, said on Sunday in a press release. "The first is physical, the second is the world of social networks and the third is cyberattacks.

...A page associated with Anonymous also posted a new threat: "November 2012 will be a month to remember for the (Israel Defense Forces) and Internet security forces. Israeli Gov. this is/will turn into a cyberwar.

If you want to learn more about Anonymous, checkout the highly recommended doc We Are Legion, which is screening at SIFF this week. If you want to support a local business that doesn't hide its support for the Palestinian cause, then visit Aladdin Gyrocery in the UD...

Not only is Aladdin's politics agreeable (the sign in the photo reads: Free Palestine) but it also makes the best gyro's in town.