Adios, Chevy


what a dickbag.
He might be an asshole, but he made that show work. Sometimes you need an asshole.
I have to say, that asshole timeline is pretty epic.
You know, I never did get into any of his movies back in the '80s. Some were kind of funny, but for the most part, he came across as a smarmy git, always smirking at his own humor.
An asshole in show business! Next we'll learn that music executives can be unscrupulous!
That's too bad. He was the only funny character on that show.
What's all this talk about cheddar cheese?
I thought the same thing when I read the news: we probably aren't likely to see him in anything good again. No one likes him. This was his last chance.

For some pleasant reflection, I recommend:
I thought this would be a link to his obituary.
@9 - Hilarious!
@6, that show has some of the best writing and acting on television, with the awkward exception of any scene with Chase in it. He's a comic albatross.
Wow, that gawker article is incredible. I cannot even fathom how somebody could be such an asshole to others.
@12 It seems pretty clear from the article: Cocaine. If you've never met anyone who's a heavy user, then I can understand your confusion. Cokeheads are all the same: complete & utter assholes.
@13: Yeah, definitely sounds like the glib narcissism of a coke head.

Let's hope you never work again, Paul.
I dunno, guys, his old 60s band Chamaeleon Church had a couple of pretty great songs -- "Camillia Is Changing", "Flowers In A Field", "Blueberry Pie".
@16 that was probably before all the coke.
@11 - Believe me: I didn't mean that as a complement to Chevy Chase.
Have we sunk this low? Really?
I knew one of the writers on Chevy's short lived talk show.

First day in, Chevy announced that Seinfeld wasn't funny ,the Simpsons weren't funny (and neither were every other successful comedian and comedy show of the period) and he, Chevy, refused to do unfunny comedy, like those successful comedians, and shows.

The writer knew the show was doomed from that day.

When the show failed, big time, Chase announced to the staff that he was going back to film, was really "a romantic comedy lead."

Good luck with that, asshole.
I knew I never cared for him. I was a big fan of SNL in it's first few years. We all looked forward to Saturdays in college. Chevy never seemed to be anything but a wise ass.
I didn't know until now, that's all he's ever been.
That's nice, this way they can keep pretending that Community is coming back. Happy October 19th.
@16: And before that, there was "The Twist", his chart-topping song and international dance craze.
Chase's style and him putting it up on stage, unique back in the 1980s, has now become rather widespread. The kind of asshole with the piercing, mean spirited wit that makes people crumble.

Everyone is now Chevy Chase.
@23, uh....Chubby Checker?
Fnarf, pretty sure seandr's just funning us.

(Of course, possibly you're funning us, too, and my sarcasm/irony meter is busted. Again.)