Bus Bombed in Israel: "A bomb exploded aboard an Israeli bus near the nation's military headquarters in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, wounding 27 people and delivering a major blow to diplomatic efforts to forge a truce to end a week of fighting between Israel and Gaza's militant Hamas rulers."

Still: Hope may hold for a ceasefire.

Some Cops Are Stupid: Spokane police suggest they might charge people for pot possession, even after December 6 when it becomes legal, because pot possession remains illegal federally. That should be a quick court case; Section 20 of I-502 is clear that possession is no longer a crime under state law, and Spokane County only charges people under state law.

The UN Has a Drug Czar, Apparently: And he's not happy with Americans. The head of an international drug policy body with no enforcement power is throwing a tantrum, asking the US federal government to challenge WA's and CO's new pot laws.

Right on, Jonah! In probing media leaks out of the SPD, an "investigation conducted by the Criminal Intelligence Section uncovered at least two contacts with news media that triggered an internal inquiry. One was with a Seattle Times reporter; the other was with a news blogger who now works for the Police Department."

Eight Years from Now: Companies suggest they'll be taking clients to the moon.

Pill Poppers: Obama says folks need to swallow some bitter pills that will agitate his base. Uh... so what are they?

This Confirms that I'm a Child: Forty-eight percent of kids 6-12 years old want an iPad, and "four of the top five gadgets desired by this young demographic were Apple products."

Who'lda guessed? Public money for charter schools is flowing directly into the pockets of—the backers of charter schools:

In her examination of Arizona’s 50 largest nonprofit charter schools and all of Arizona's nonprofit charter schools with assets exceeding $10 million, Ryman found “at least 17 contracts or arrangements, totaling more than $70 million over five years and involving about 40 school sites, in which money from the non-profit charter school went to for-profit or non-profit companies run by board members, executives or their relatives.”

LEAVE WALMART ALONE! Forbes defends making employees work on Thanksgiving, saying it's "not evil." Silly Forbes, that's not why Walmart is evil.