Seriously, a company in China (the land of the future—the US is the middle kingdom, Europe is the past) is dreaming about building the tallest skyscraper in the world in just three months.

[T]he idea isn’t so far-fetched: if China’s Broad Sustainable Building Corp. is doing its math and crossing its ts properly, it could be topping out a 2,749-ft.-tall skyscraper — the world’s tallest — in just three months.

Starting in January, the race will be on against what seems to be an impossibly short deadline. Broad is allotting just 90 days to construct the 220-story tower, dubbed Sky City, in the city of Changsha, in China’s southeastern Hunan province — meaning the building will go up at a rate of about five stories a day, according to Construction Week Online.

If this even works, it will mean that junkspace can be extended to the heavens, junkspace will be among the clouds. We know only junkspace can be made in no time. Lots of time is one of the most important materials of architecture.