Democrats Elected on More Liberal Platforms: Will they block Obama's centrism on Medicare and Social Security in deficit talks?

Robbers in South Seattle: Targeting Vietnamese-owned businesses?

Poverty in Latin America: Lowest level in three decades.

Egyptian Protesters: "The Muslim Brotherhood stole the revolution."

They Tell Me My Confidence Is Higher Than It's Been for 4 1/2 Years: As a consumer.

Home Prices: Biggest rise in two years.

Drugs and Grapefruit Are a Deadly Mix?: No joke. "It’s hard to avoid putting a drug out on the market that is not affected by grapefruit juice.” There's a whole list of drugs to avoid mixing with the dangerous (???) citrus fruit.

Seattle People Like to Name Their Chow Chow "Bear": And other facts about dog-naming in Seattle in 2012.

Students Are Falling from Buildings: At WSU. The fourth this year.

Washington Ranks 32nd in High School Graduation Rate Among States: This is the first time the US Dept of Ed has measured this way. Now I'd like to know how our racial graduation-rate gap compares to other states.

Chinese Communist Newspaper: Falls for Onion joke that Kim Jong Un is the sexiest man alive. OR ARE THEY SATIRISTS THEMSELVES? HMM?

Man Choked to Death on Roach Parts: It was an eating contest.

I Haven't Watched It But: This is a video called "World's Biggest Pile of Leaves."

The Ladies on TV News: Ten years ago, they had to wear dark boring suits, "but now a little anchor leg is fine." FREEDOM IS JUST SO FREEING.

The Arafat Exhumation: Test results on whether he was poisoned could still be months away.

France Will Back Palestine: In its non-member bid at the UN.

Personality Disorders: How do you diagnose and treat a problem based on who a person is?

This is so cool. Cheetahs captured running at full speeds as never before, thanks to new camera technology. Metafilter, I love you (except for that time when you sent me to that "parent rap," because that was terrible, Metafilter).

Cheetahs on the Edge—Director's Cut from Gregory Wilson on Vimeo.