Wanna Get Married at City Hall on Dec. 9?


Do we have to finagle an invite, or will it be easy to crash?
@1 um, read the post. You just have to RSVP if you're getting married.

City Hall is, of course, open to everyone.

Except Corporations.

They're not people, so they can't get married.
I believe you meant installation. Unless of course you are asking for donations to slowly introduce the art into the City Hall lobby.
Happily donated. Hope it's a beautiful day!
@1 and @2:

Can I still come if I'm not getting married and am not invited by someone who is getting married?

To come inside City Hall, you'll have to be an invited member of a wedding party. However, the community will be celebrating this historic day on City Hall Plaza, on 4th Avenue, where you can cheer to congratulate each couple as they exit the building. Please join us to help make this an extra special moment.
@5 - Thanks! I missed the FAQ link.
@2 - No comment.
@3, fixed! Also: HAHAHA.
Cool, I chipped in some cash. Have fun, happy couples :-)
I donated! Best wishes from the bottom of my heart, newlyweds-to-be!

Personally, getting married at City Hall with hundreds of my fellow homos sounds perfectly dreadful. But, I hasten to add, I am a jaded old thing who toiled too long in the fields of the marriage-industrial complex, and who is also a city employee - I see enough of City Hall during my workday.

Besides, if I can't get married in the Spanish Ballroom of the Olympic Hotel (which I can't, since we can't afford that) I'm not getting married. Oh, maybe on one of our deathbeds or something, if it will mean more money for the survivor, but other than that, We're strictly confirmed bachelors.

BUT, I certainly don't begrudge anyone their moment of happiness, and I will happily pitch in some bucks. Just don't ask me to catch any bouquets or serve any punch.
Dearest Catalina,

Please make a reservation for High Tea at the Olympic and then sneak into the Spanish Ballroom. My daughter and I always take the, er, unguided tour after we have tea in December. Just take your officiant to tea with you and, voila! You're in.
An admirer of your sparkling wit & intellect (seriously).
Missliss, while I like your line of thought, if I'm going Spanish Ballroom, I'm going full-tilt: hundreds of guests, eight drag queen bridesmaids and Gogo boy groomsmen, ceremony in the foyer, dinner in the ballroom. Champagne fountains, ice bars, tableside caesar salads, surf 'n turf entrees, flaming deserts, dancing to whomever is the society orchestra these days (it used to be Fred Radke, but he is surely home with Jesus by now). It would be difficult to sneak all of those people in. Someone would be bound to notice.
Group weddings? Doesn't that have a culty connotation?
@12: And an ice sculpture of Aphrodite slowly dripping next to the cake with the actual white doves inside that take off and fly away when you cut into it?
I love the cake idea, but I already have an ice sculpture of David that doubles as a vodka fountain planned for the ice bar, and I don't want to come off as overdone. Maybe Venus de Milo?
Well, Ms. Vel-DuRay, my 7 year old will be up dancing with the bridesmaids, whilst I stand in a corner, sipping and quietly chuckling and beaming at all th joy around me. I'll be sure to bring you a blue silk garter.

Danny Savage; Rev Moon?

you pays your money, you gets your choice.



oh no....

are we no longer calling our HomoSecularOfficaiStateReligion Chapels "chapels"?


bear with us folks.

it may take a while to work out the kinks in this HomoSecularOfficaiStateReligion thing.

(a hub sounds like somewhere members of the cult-hive would get hitched...)
$100 donated--that better get me in even if Dan forgets to put me and my sweetheart on the "official" guest list.

do you love Terry like a sister?
Donation done! Advance congratulations to all! This is an exciting day.
@12.. and i alls i had was a church wedding with a mariachi band...of course my garments were designed and made by' it's mark mitchell' of captiol hill and instead of punch we had frappe because kenny joe insisted on making and bringing it despite my mother's protestations. we could've used a vodka fountian though. i shoulda consulted you as our wedding planner
Well, I chipped in what I could. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do something--if I was local, I'd come play wedding music for you.
Can people volunteer to help out that day (set up, witnesses, gophering, etc.) or all you all set?
@24- I asked, but The Stranger and the City both said that they have this one covered. Of all the problems in the world I guess having too many people wanting to volunteer is a good one to have.
Anyone know if we can show up with our own officiant and still get inside?
Does anyone know if we can just show up with our own officiant and still take part in the festivities at City Hall?
Wishing you all the very best. Tried to contribute my bit but the page says "PayPal cannot process this transaction because of a problem with the seller's website" (even links from the original article).