As the Fiscal Cliff Deadline Approaches: Obama's campaigning again. What's it going to take to get lawmakers to raise taxes on the wealthy? We already tried voting about it.

Women Should Be 'Assigned,' Not Just 'Attached' to Infantry Units: An ex-Marine sues for the right to equal status in combat.

Des Moines Couple Suing the Police: The police shot their Newfoundland Rosie four times with an assault rifle.

The Afghan Bank Embezzlement: Will cost the country five percent of its GDP.

Hungry People May Not Know They Qualify: For a very good federal program to get food into mouths. Tell them, tell everyone.

Don't Play the Lottery: The Powerball jackpot is set to hit $500 million tonight. But winning won't make you happy because you'll always be about as happy as you are now; that's the wisdom on happy. Still, doesn't it seem like some of these people were just doing it wrong?

Dozens More People Are Killed: In a car bombing in Syria.

Amazon Deforestation Rate: At lowest level since Brazil began monitoring and punishing offenders.

Was Elmore Leonard There, Too?: Headline of the month: "Two alligators, a pole dancer and pot at Olympia area shooting scene."

Courts in Egypt on Strike: Their own Morsi protest.

Urban Couples in China: May soon be allowed to have a second child.

Uganda to the Gays: You'll Be Horribly Tortured But Not Killed: Homosexuality bill to increase already harsh penalties still on the docket, but death penalty part of the bill may be removed.

Yahoo's CEO/New Mom Talks About How Easy Everything Is: Says she'll stop talking soon so she can go back to "ruthlessly prioritizing." Soon's good, soon works for me.

Hope Solo Says 'We're Happy, and Ultimately That's All That Matters': That she wouldn't stand for domestic violence.

Obama to Romney Have a Lunch Date Thursday: Romney trying to figure out what he can bring.

'How Israel Threw Barack Obama Under the Bus': By interrupting Obama's "Pivot to Asia" and drawing him back into the Middle East.

Is California Bouncing Back?: It's been a tough five years.

The Bald Eagle Artwork That Could Not Be Sold: Lands at MoMA, where it will be a star, rather than the Met. The story of Robert Rauschenberg's Canyon.

And here is a video of a cat and a weatherman.