Now that Thanksgiving is over, there are so many book events going on in town this weekend, and most of them are taking place in fun, non-traditional venues! Here are the best ones:

TONIGHT: David Blatner reads at Town Hall. His book Spectrums is a beautiful look at all the different spectrums that affect our universe, including light, sound, and time, as well as an attempt to relay how huge those spectrums are. It's largely about how much of the universe we can't sense by any traditional means. And at the Royal Room in Columbia City, it's time again for Bushwick Book Club, in which local musicians create new work based on literature. This time, they're doing something a little different: The musicians are working with literature published in The Jack Straw Writers Anthology 2012, which is a book written by local authors that you can buy at Elliott Bay Book Company or download as a free PDF right here.

SATURDAY NIGHT: If you don't know PageBoy magazine yet, here's your big chance. Local authors Sierra Nelson, William Carty, Jeremy Springsteed, Sarah Galvin, Alex Bleecker, and Paul Nelson will read at Kaleidoscope Vision to celebrate the new issue of the very good local literary journal, along with music (by The We Don't Know Yets) and photographs (by George Ciardi) and free wine (presumably by Carlo Rossi or one of his other low-budget pals). Meanwhile, over at Vermillion, it's An Evening of Confessional Poetry. Vanessa Place, who, according to someone on Twitter "killed poetry," will read some sort of confessional poetry with local poet Doug Nufer. I am told that confessional poets will find this evening to be controversial, which means this reading by two very interesting, very experimental poets could eventually inspire some very bad confessional poems.

SUNDAY AFTERNOON: The biggest event on Sunday is at Blindfold Gallery at two in the afternoon, and it's called "Afternoon Poetry II." The readers for this one include Jeanine Walker, Corinna Rosendahl, Luke Johnson and Sarah Galvin (yep, again).

But that's just the stuff I suggest! There's other stuff that you might find more noteworthy in our readings calendar. Go see for yourself.