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Julie Alpert's latest exhibition is a series of seductions and fantasies. Imagine if your kitchen looked like this. Imagine if you had this folding screen. Imagine if you lived inside this drawing. Imagine what the view would be like if you took a flashlight and disappeared under this painting as if it were your blanket. If you sent Roy McMakin's conceptual modernism into a pattern-and-decoration jungle, you'd come out with Alpert's sculptures and paintings and fabrics. I am completely enamored of the way she spills from one medium into another, the way the watercolor on a piece of notebook paper seems to bleed right into a dyed fabric as if they were made by one stroke, equalizing the mediums and tying together worlds.

A few views are below (and yes, unfortunately, today is the last day for the Gallery4Culture exhibition, but please visit Alpert's web site and know that the Seattle-based artist shows locally regularly). Also, please don't miss her 2012 series of "negative positive pattern paintings, a watercolor series inspired by fashion, '60s and '70s interior decorating, and patterns found in nature during my daily walks at Seward Park."

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Background Noise, from the negative positive pattern paintings series
  • Background Noise, from the "negative positive pattern paintings" series