December 9 City Hall Wedding Update


Will someone donate to my wedding when I get married?
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And it's fixed.
@1: Aww baby :(!
No one is ever going to marry you, ( I mean really, who wants to live under a bridge and eat nothing but billy goat?) so your question is beside the point.
Somehow the PayPal link in Cienna's blurb (second-to-last paragraph) got corrupted. The one in her original story works fine, as does the "Donate" button at the bottom of this post.
I'd love to know where the gay leadership in Seattle/Washington is going to be on this day. So far it seems like our great straight allies, Mayor McGinn and County Exec Constantine, are being helpful! BUt we haven't heard a peep from the lgbt political leaders.

So where are Ed Murray, Jaime Pedersen, Sally Clark, etc....

Heronswood is offering free weddings to 20 same-sex couples on December 9: (Second post down; Heronswood site is under construction). Winter garden wedding!
@1 is not THE Troll
"Please consider kicking in a few bucks..."

One consistent thread thru secular homoliberohumanism-

always with the godam hand out asking for money.

Buy My Birth Control!

Pay For My Abortions!

Forgive My Student Loans!

Give Me Healthcare!

Make City Hall Beautiful For My "Wedding"!

Pay Your Fair Share Of Taxes!
and if "marrying" the one you LOVE does not make your day Beautiful without donated shit then you got no business getting married, loser.
@4 - Goats are all bones and some kind of nasty goat-oil. Make it lamb, and I'll consider it.
You can always do a kickstarter ...
can't play the video.
Shoot! I had assumed only same sex couples could get married that day at City Hall and have therefore not spoken to the bf about it... I'm not 100% certain my bf would want to get married, but I have been saying since my home state (Michigan) banned same sex marriages, that if I ended up with a man I would not get married until I could have if I ended up with a woman. I want to get married Dec 9th with everyone else! I wonder if he'd say yes. ;)
Done and done.

@1 Some of us, who may not be able to participate, want to help make this event as awesome as it possibly could be. But don't think your posts don't have an effect: I doubled my donation to add a sum of money in your name. That way you've helped the homosexual agenda!

Doesn't it fill you with the warm fuzzies?
@1 and 10

Traditionally, straight people get lots of donations when they marry; the donors usually refer to their contributions as "gifts."

I have given a gift to make December 9 for the happy couples. It was my pleasure to do so.
So glad I could help out. Can't wait to see pics, especially Dan and Terry.

This has been a long time coming and I'm so happy for y'all. Congrats, Washington!
This is so beautiful!
@16: So nicely put! I work right up the block, and am so very excited by the whole thing! I just got straight married in September, and the fact, that at last, in our state everyone can have what I have, makes me very grateful.
Now I have something in my eye.....
That is Kathryn Rathke in the photo. I think she is cute.
Glad to donate to such an awesome event! Congratulations to everyone who will be there!
@17 - Are Dan and Terry planning to get USA-married at the event?
@1 and @10 - @16 is exactly right. My straight cousin got married a few years ago. By the time I got to his wedding registry a few weeks before the wedding, almost all of the moderately-priced things had been purchased, and most of the expensive ones, too. They received many tens of thousands of dollars in wedding gifts. (And the parents on both sides paid for everything, so they profited considerably.) It made me a little (quietly) bitter, actually. If I were to get married, I know that we'd be expected to pay for 100% of everything.


Do they traditionally broadcast blanket appeals for cash?

Maybe National Geographic could do a story about the mating rituals of secular homoliberohumanists.

Happy to.
Chipped in $5. Wish I had more to give. This is all so beautiful.
I don't have a lot to give, being recently hospitalized and it being Christmas, but Dan has done so much for me personally that I had to chip in $5.
How about those of us who have legitimate minister credentials showing up to marry the people who didn't make the cut? I'm looking for such an opportunity.
Woot!! Congratulations Dan, and good luck with event logistics! :D
Wish we could join the celebration and be married with everyone else, but I left Seattle 4 years ago to join my partner here in the UK seeing as how US immigration law does not recognize us as a couple and I can not sponsor him for immigration into the country. Please don't forget us bi-national couples as we struggle to have the same rights as hetero couples!
If I had a dime to spare, it would go to this. Best wishes to all!
OMG, the cuteness! Congratulations, Dan and Terry, may you have many happy year of wedded bliss together!…
My Mom told me just yesterday that my young cousin Olivia and her girlfriend Regina will be among those getting married tomorrow in Seattle. That's beyond cool, and I hope SCOTUS will let me and my partner follow their example. After 38 years, isn't it about time?