As Anna reported yesterday on Slog, shots were fired in the University District yesterday afternoon, shattering a window at the clothing swap store, Crossroads, and generally causing a lot of fear and panic in the area (but thankfully, no injuries). A suspect was eventually arrested after a low-speed car chase.

Why the fuck would anyone open fire on a second-hand clothing store, you may ask? Today brings with it one potential motivation, courtesy of the SPD Blotter:

An employee at a second business, on 43rd and University Way, reported that she also heard shots and saw damage to the business window, and looked up to see the suspect sitting across the street in a black Audi, firing shots at the business. She believes the suspect was upset and has a vendetta against the business because he was refused a refund on items he previously purchased in the store. On a prior occasion he made veiled threats to cause harm to the business.

Upon arrest, police recovered "a very realistic looking pellet gun from the [24-year-old] suspect’s waistband." He's currently being held at the King County Jail while investigated for assault, malicious mischief, and felony eluding.