Albert Shen, who's on the Seattle Community Colleges board of trustees and is considered a potential candidate for mayor, goes for the anti-transit, anti-tax, lesser Seattle vote:

Seattle these days seems like a never-ending episode of “Extreme Makeover”: the Alaskan Way tunnel project; the streets of Pioneer Square; the proposed Sodo arena squeezed into the life-center of our freight corridor; streetcar construction sprawls throughout the city; and the mayor continues to put bike lanes in major roadway corridors without consideration for freight or maritime mobility and the safety of drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians.

These programs will not only compete against each other; they will limit our ability to take care of what we already have, like Seattle Center.

It feels like the working family — trying to drive to work, pay utility bills and property taxes — can’t catch a break.

Christ, what a tool.

The streetcar line under construction runs through a few miles the most dense portions of the city, so it's not sprawling. Do you know what sprawl is, Albert? Any clue at all? And, yes, the city's relatively few miles of bike lanes are mostly on major roadways—where else should they go, through thinly populated areas where cyclists aren't commuting? Of course they go on major roadways. And none of the transit or sparse bike sharrows are preventing da poor working famblies from driving anywhere. Nobody who spouts this laughable bullshit is qualified to work in City Hall, let alone run the place. This is such a divisive, lazy piece of opinion writing that I suppose it's perfect for the trash heap where it ended up: the Seattle Times editorial page.