...he may—or may not—run for mayor. Murray sent reporters a press release this morning announcing a press conference at 1:00 p.m. to divulge his plans. The state senator and architect of the strategy to pass same-sex marriage in Washington State also considered, but then ultimately nixed, a mayoral bid in 2009.

The press release about the "major announcement" is after the jump, noting Murray will be "joined by dozens of friends and supporters."

State Senate Majority Leader Ed Murray to Make a Major Announcement about His Intentions Regarding Upcoming Seattle Mayoral Race at Press Event Today

State Senator Ed Murray, long considered one of the leading potential candidates for Seattle mayor in 2013, will make a major announcement about whether or not he intends to enter the mayoral race at a press event in the heart of his legislative district on Capitol Hill this afternoon.

The Seattle Times recently wrote that “voter approval of same-sex marriage in Washington State has given Murray national stature as a civil rights champion” and added that Murray is “the most experienced politician to consider the Seattle mayor’s race.” Murray, who was recently elected leader of the Senate Democratic caucus, will be joined by dozens of friends and supporters at the event.