And today has brought an avalanche of them.

From the Seattle Times. Sob!

From the Tacoma News Tribune. SOB!

And finally, from the Instgram of the woman known as Fighty Almighty, who stood in line next to these guys this morning.

  • FightyAlmighty

"They were so down-to-earth, with the best southern drawls, and so open to all the attention they were receiving," says FightyAlmighty, who will herself be getting married to her beloved lady this Sunday. Congratulations to everyone, and deep thanks to all the enlightened straight folks who helped make this amazing day possible.

UPDATE: I originally posted this in comments, but am now putting it here.

I would also like to point out that even just 10 years ago, a whole bunch of people would've looked at photos like these and seen nothing but buttfuckers and rugmunchers. All humanity erased by a weird fixation on sex mechanics.

But you know what else is kind of icky when you let yourself think about it? HETEROSEXUAL SEX. Like, when your dad goes down on your mom. Also: EATING FOOD. Let's not even talk about childbirth.

At long last, homosexual sex has joined all these other icky-if-envisioned-out-of-context things society agrees to ignore, and I couldn't be happier.