There are a whole lot of recommended literary events this weekend. Here's a sampling:

Tonight: Don't forget about game night!

However, if you're more into the idea of a reading tonight, I'll forgive you. Colleen J. McElroy reads at Open Books. McElroy is a professor emeritus of English and creative writing at the University of Washington. Here I Throw Down My Heart is her newest poetry collection.

But if you're looking for something a little more factual than poetry, Ken Jennings reads at Elliott Bay Book Company tonight. Jennings, who in addition to being maybe the world's most famous Jeopardy! champion is also incredibly funny, is the author of Maphead and a new book called Because I Said So! The Truth Behind the Myths, Tales & Warnings Every Generation Passes Down to Its Kids. And! Gene Robinson is at Town Hall. Robinson is an Episcopal bishop from New Hampshire. His new book is titled God Believes in Love: Straight Talk About Gay Marriage. He's a big supporter of gay marriage, so this should tie in with this weekend's whole gay-marriage theme we've got going on.

Tomorrow: At 9:30 in the morning, Aung Zaw, a Burmese journalist, will be speaking at the Seattle Asian Art Museum. Topics of discussion include journalism and Myanmar, which is very hot right now after President Obama's visit.

In the afternoon, 826 Seattle will be debuting the 2013 edition of their student-written anthology, What To Read In the Rain. It's been an interesting, funny, thrilling book to read in the past. This reading features Portland thriller writer Chelsea Cain, local novelist (and Hugo House Writer in Residence) Peter Mountford, and poet Jared Leising. Plus, young writers! And Ivar's clam chowder, too!

In the evening, we have excellent-looking dueling events. To celebrate the sixth anniversary of the Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery, Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez, the creators of Love and Rockets, will be reading and talking. You really should think about going to this show, because they are in the top five American cartoonists of all time, and that's counting the brothers separately. AND! Geneviève Castrée will play music. Meanwhile, up in the College Inn Pub in the U District, C.E. Putnam will read. Putnam has been a huge force in Seattle literature for a very long time. Read all about him and his six (6!) new books in this week's books section.

Sunday: You'll want to stop by Town Hall for this one: Ahamefule Oluo is is Town Hall’s Artist in Residence and Lesley Hazleton is Town Hall’s Scholar in Residence. Sunday night's event will be their opportunity to show off, at the end of their respective terms, what they’ve learned. Oluo will perform Now I’m Fine, which is a monologue/stand-up/orchestral piece. Hazleton, a Stranger Genius of Literature, will present a “multi-logue” performance that combines Twitter, crowd-sourcing, and reactions to a season’s worth of Town Hall events.

Still not enough for you? The readings calendar has more of absolutely everything.