Chavez Needs Surgery: He's directed the people to vote in his vice president if anything happens in surgery.

No The Other Tripoli: There's fighting in Lebanon's northern city, Tripoli, where clashes with machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades killed four people.

Mandela Spends Night in Hospital: The former South African president was admitted to the hospital yesterday, and current President Zuma assured the public yesterday that Mandela was only admitted for tests. However, after he spent the night, many are voicing concern about the 94-year-old civil rights leader.

Olympia Bar to Allow Marijuana Smoking: But only for over 21-year-olds and in an enclosed members-only type area separate from the rest of the bar.

If You Needed Any More Encouragement Not To Walk Alone at Night: Horiuchi Park, off Boren, was the site of a Friday night sexual assault. After the assault, the woman managed to get to a nearby shop and call for help.

That Crazy Kid! Yesterday night Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi backed down from his power grab. Maybe the masses of people camping out calling for his head on a pike changed his opinion.

OMG Weddings!!! As Dan Savage mentioned, there are wonderful free weddings for wonderful happy couples today at City Hall! You should come and celebrate with these happy happy happy people. And while I can't speak to the legality of throwing rice, you can bring flowers! Weddings start at 10 a.m. and go until 5 p.m.