Washington State Democratic Party Chair Dwight Pelz just issued the following statement regarding the unholy union that Goldy predicted in his chicken blood tea leaves earlier this year:

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“In 2010, Senators Tom and Sheldon stood for re-election as Democrats. In the case of Senator Tom, he even accepted over $25,000 in contributions from the State Democratic Party. But today, Senators Tom and Sheldon turned their backs on the Democratic Party by siding with a radically right Republican caucus that earlier this year attempted to slash critically important funding for education and social services for the elderly and the vulnerable.”

“To imply that the current Democratic caucus is unwilling to work across party lines to move our state forward is absurd. Just two years ago, Democratic Senator Ed Murray and Republican Senator Joe Zarelli worked together to build a bipartisan budget – an unprecedented show of unity in Olympia.”

"The truth here is that Sen. Tom has instigated this unprecedented coup and joined with Republicans to install himself as Majority Leader out of a desire to further his own personal ambitions, not out of what is in the best interests of his constituents or the public at large. What he announced today is a prescription for instability and division."

Rest assured, state dems will be reserving a special spot on their inevitable death panels for Messrs Sheldon and Tom (especially that turncoat pigfucker Tom).

UPDATE: Governor-elect Jay Inslee throws in his two cents: "Our goals and the business before us haven’t changed. Voters expect us to work together to create jobs, balance our budget and improve our schools, and I expect that both Republican and Democratic leaders will work together to get these things done in the 2013 session. Regardless of the structure in the Senate, I look forward to working with legislators from both parties to move our state forward.”

UPDATE 2: Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles (D-Seattle) brings the fire and tells it like it is: “Forcing half the chamber to accept a take-it-or-leave-it plan is not the way you foster collaboration, trust or respect. That’s a recipe for confrontation, not collaboration—and it bears little resemblance to the Democratic principles I believe my constituents in the 36th District and people across the state expect legislators to uphold.

It takes more than the defection of two conservative Democrats to make a proposal bipartisan. If one side says it’s bipartisan but the other side says it’s not, then it’s not.

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“If Republicans were to control the Senate Labor, Commerce & Consumer Protection Committee, I fear where they would take our state. I find it telling that their very first proposal is to strip the words ‘consumer protection’ out of the title of the committee.

“Their proposal today reminds me of their actions when they briefly took control of the Senate floor last session and passed a budget that slashed funding for K-12 education, family planning, women’s health, safety net programs and other public services critical to Washingtonians in communities across out state.”