This morning, the labor-funded progressive advocacy group Working Washington announced a Yuletide stunt in the name of shaming a few corporate giants seeking tax breaks. So at noon they targeted the CEOs of Macy's, Chase, and Bank of America—corporations that are asking Congress to lower tax rates on the wealthy and major corporations at the expense of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security—by dressing up in Santa hats and delivering coal.

Sage Wilson from working Washington sent us these photos of the scene. First, here's a wheelbarrow of coal, which Wilson describes as "surprisingly heavy":

  • Via Sage Wilson

"We got inside Macy's and spent a good 15 minutes singing to customers about how their CEO is pushing for tax cuts for the rich," says Wilson. And here they are:

  • Via Sage Wilson

Say what you will about labor-funded activism—which I fully support—but all that aside, stunts like this make activism accessible. It's funny, it's pointed, and it's critical without being dour. We need more of it. And this shows how Occupy's weird rejection of labor was a total mistake. Occupy went down the tubes with strident arrogance. You can read more about Working Washington's naughty list here.