West Seattle High Schoolers, Surprisingly, Not Assholes: An 80-year-old lady's car stalled in the middle of an intersection on Tuesday, reports the West Seattle Blog, and a group of 10 high schoolers ran out of Jack in the Box to help her push her car. Meanwhile a bunch of adults sat in their cars honking their horns like big fucking jerks.

That's The Christmas Spirit! Not really. The bloggers over at Phinneywood talked to a couple who claim their 10-foot Mt Hood Hemlock was cut down in the middle of the night, probably, they venture, for someone's Christmas tree.

(Butter) Knifing On Broadway? Capitol Hill Seattle reports that a man wielding a butter knife was taken into custody last night outside the Walgreens on Broadway for allegedly slashing a man in the face.

Fatal Apartment Blaze: One man was found dead inside of a burning Crown Hill apartment Tuesday evening, according to the My Ballard blog. The Seattle Fire Department's Kyle Moore says that firefighters found the man deceased on a hide-a-bed when they arrived to extinguish the single-room blaze. It remains unclear how the fire started.

Robbed: The Magnolia Voice blog reports that a Bank of America in Magnolia was held up by a suspect in classic bank-robber garb Tuesday morning. Police still haven't nabbed the suspect, described as between 5'2" and 5'5", dressed in a black hoodie and sunglasses.