Today the sun will rise in Seattle at 7:49 am: And then set, eight hours and 29 minutes later, at 4:18 pm. However! The winter solstice is only eight days away.

Syria: Firing Scud missiles at its own people.

Fed will keep interest rates near zero: Until the unemployment rate hits 6.5 percent.

North Korea's satellite: "Tumbling out of control."

No holiday plans for Congressional Republicans: Boehner says there's not enough progress on the Fiscall Cliff talks.

Twenty years at McDonald's: And still making minimum wage.

Federal job satisfaction: At its "lowest point in almost a decade."

Midtown Manhattan execution: Getaway car found.

Seattle's texting pedestrians: "A third of us are living dangerously by texting, talking and listening to music on mobile devices while crossing busy streets."

Katt Williams: Seattle judge puts warrant out for his arrest.

Big coal train meeting tonight: At the downtown Seattle convention center. Here's a coal train rolling—and rolling, and rolling—through Edmonds: