While we're all working on raising hell about gun control (Dom's mom: YES), we can also give to Northwest Harvest to help feed the hungry children and families and old people in our state, as the Slog Holiday Charity Challenge continues. And we have the winner of the overnight at the Edgewater, Vanessa, after the jump, with a small, sweet tale. Sorry about the world, everyone.

Attached is my receipt for $10. I wish I could have given more; I realize I am more fortunate than many & far be it from me to bemoan the lack of a lavish Christmas, but this is why my donation is anemic and why I deserve the night at the Edgewater. On 12/9 at 1:30 a.m., I married my best friend, Daphne. Married. As in Legally Recognized in the State of Washington MARRIED. We shopped for our duds and rings at Goodwill. We are saving for a home and a baby. We would LOVE a one-night “honeymoon.”



Vanessa: Congratulations, and YES.

UPDATE: Upon learning of her winning, Vanessa says:

STFU!!!! oh my god, i just burst into tears! are you serious???