I'll admit, I didn't have a lot of respect to lose for Domino's Pizza, BUT STILL:

The founder of the Domino’s Pizza chain filed a lawsuit on Friday in an effort to prevent his employees from accessing free contraception through the company’s health insurance provider.

Tom Monaghan, a billionaire who founded Domino’s Pizza but has since resigned and now owns the company’s office complex, is a devout Catholic and believes that using contraception is “gravely immoral,” according to his court filing. The suit adds that prior to the Affordable Care Act’s passage, the company specifically sought out insurance that does not cover contraception.

One of the regulations implemented after the Affordable Care Act was signed into law requires that all health insurance plans cover preventative care—which includes regular cancer and STD screenings, annual checkups and contraception for both men and women—free of charge. Employers that are morally opposed to providing contraception are allowed a religious exception that places the financial burden entirely upon the insurer.

In his lawsuit, however, Monaghan insists that his religious freedom is being infringed upon by the coverage mandate. The billionaire argues that he’s actually paying for “abortions” by way of supplying workers with access to emergency contraception like “Plan B” and “ella,” which the lawsuit calls “abortifacients.”

Of course, science has shown that emergency contraception doesn't cause abortions, it prevents them. But why rely on medically accurate information when you can follow your gut, shoot from your hip, and sue to stop women accessing comprehensive healthcare? It's What Jesus Would Have Did, right?