The Abortion Pills Are Probably to Blame for This


I laughed so hard I almost peed.
I probably shouldn't have giggled at this but the Chariots of Fire slo-mo cracked me up.
It killed Kenny!
that is a big goddamn eagle.
I cannot stop laughing. I'm sorry.
@4 Golden eagles are huge, larger than bald eagles, if I remember. I thought they stuck to remote locations, though.

The Philippine eagle is the largest of all raptors. There was also one in present-day New Zealand, back before it was populated by people, that was even larger, a total monster. But as far as it goes, the golden eagle is, indeed, "a big goddam eagle." I would have never expected this if I was a parent. That kid has one hell of a story to tell now.
Obviously, granting civil rights to minorities is to blame.
I'd like to see that eagle square off against the Capitol Hill snowy owl.
Well, this took place in Montreal, so it's clearly because of that universal health care in Canada. Eagles are going to be doing this shit to white American babbies if those electors select Obama for that second term.
Gays too. Especially since Montreal is one big queer cum dumpster, God sends birds of prey to eat the babies.
Let me self-correct, because I just looked it up. Golden eagles and bald eagles are about the same size.

However, it doesn't change that this one's a biggie.
@9 - Too late for that, the electors did there thing yesterday.
I believe Eagle snatching is a harbinger of the Mayan Apocalypse (tm).
If that eagle just stopped eating gluten, and tried some Bach flowers, its problems would easily be solved. (In Finland.)
@15 - French Canadian typically has a shitload of English mishmashed into it. You can hear two people chatting in FC in Quebec and suddenly the words "movie theatre" is intermixed with the French. Tabernac!
@17 Ha ha ha!

Best comment on YouTube so far: "This all could have been averted if the baby had had his own eagle."
What a ride!
So cool, even if brief.
Pretty sure that eagle just finished watching the Hobbit.
Those damn brownies- always trying to steal daikini babies!
1) funny as hell, especially when captioned as God's revenge.

2) Completely plausible. Bald eagles are good at catching fish ( I see them do it all the time), and better at eating dead fish, But golden eagles range widely and take a surprising range of prey including young mountain goats, and lambs.

3) my kid at that age was 20-24 pounds which apparently was too much to lift. Grabbing 5-15 pounds and the eagle keeps flying. That eagle tried to keep flying, but while it could climb momentarily, it couldn't maintain speed with that weight. I'd guess it misjudged how plump and therefore heavy a human baby is.

4) if you doubt that a golden would swoop in among humans, I know a NP ranger who saw a golden take a grizzly bear cub not far from the mother bear during its 5-10-pound, cute, fuzzball stage.
I think the eagle was a muslim and a terrorist!
if the mother had a gun...
Nothing on whether the child was hurt ?

I hope that its clothes were thick enough for the talons not to get through. Falling from that height is not fun either.

@15 I've used "shit" ever since I've been to the US.

For a non-native speaker, swearing in another language is less profane. But amongst the few I know ("mierda", "scheisse", and my native "merde"), "shit" has such a nice, explosive sound that makes it the ideal expletive in fast-happening troublesome circumstances.
Oh, come on everybody! The gays are to blame. It's easy to tell when the gays are to blame--they always are.

Obviously, this can only happened in Socialist Canada, where predators can steal babies..

I'm guessing the kid was ok, maybe even completely unhurt, because I can't find one hard news story on the incident. Considering the claws on an eagle, that's pretty amazing right there. Might be possible, though, if the kid's coat was not only thick, but loose-fitting. The only hits on Google News are all articles about the amazing video, half of which have nothing better to do than speculate as to whether it's fake.

*Really* big eagles (and other raptors) are probably female.

I for one welcome our new eagle overlords and so forth.

Best twitter comment, "The sad fact is, eagle society doesn't provide enough in terms of daycare or paid time off to help a single eagle raise a baby."
The way the kid fell you can tell he'll be all right. But this would have been no joke if that had been, say, a younger infant on a blanket. Eagle food. Yikes!
"Eagles swoop down to seize a fish in their talons and carry it off, but can only lift about five pounds. Under certain circumstances, eagles have been known to drown trying to lift a fish that weighed too much."
@ everyone who believed this was real, even for a second...

Just remember. If you first hear of something via forwarded email / shared on FB / posted on blog without link to a media story.... That is, if you DON'T first hear of it on the NEWS... it's a hoax. At least until you get media confirmation. ESPECIALLY if it's something really unusual.
@ 15 - "Shit" and "fuck" are now part of the universal vocabulary. Indeed, "shit" is the first English word I learned, as that was my French-speaking mom's way of expressing discontent.
Ha ha, yeah, Dan, pills! What kind of loon blames anything on pills? No, reasonable people blame growing trends (e.g. teen suicide and homicide) on things that have been around forever (e.g. bullying and gun law).

First let's blame skyrocketing youth suicide on bullying. That way we can keep on selling meds that make kids suicidal. You can continue your Big Pharma PR efforts, Dan, and be a hero at the same time!

Then let's treat skyrocketing youth violence as solely a matter of gun law, so we can keep selling boatloads of meds that make kids homicidal. (Wait, didn't the OK Corral have more restrictive gun laws like 120 years ago? Case closed!)

Yup, it sure as shit gets better.
I love that you guys reported that the video was fake more quickly than Hilarious.
@ 36 - And what meds are you on?
There is anthropological evidence of this happening. A skull of a young australopithecine has been uncovered with eagle claw holes in it's skull.
Zeus and Ganymede!
Awesome video! I especially love the Chariots of Fire music on the slow mo replay. But alas... The most obvious fakery about it is that the bird at impact is an osprey, not an eagle of any kind, but its size has been magnified to be much much larger than any osprey in this reality.
On local note, my wife watched an extended session of duck hunting by eagles on Greenlake on Sunday! That is a real fact.
36: This went way over your head. I wonder if Big Pharma sells a pill for "immunity to sarcasm."
It really sickens me how people can make fun of our right to bear arms - God given, of course - and think that that has anything to do with this unsuspecting child.

And for those looking for an explanation, it is oh, too obvious: masturbation. If the dad had not been too busy rubbing one out while filming the eagle, he'd have been with the kid and all would have been well.
I think I saw that eagle in Lord Of The Rings. Few can say "I've flown with the eagles" but this kid can literally tell the truth about doing it, even if briefly. I saw a video years ago where an eagle snatched a house cat right out of a lady's arms - successfully! Yikes!
If I remember right, last time a boy got carried off by an eagle, he was made immortal to serve as a sex slave for all eternity, correct?
I am so disappointed that this isn't true. It provoked all kinds of deep thoughts on how we've become so divorced from nature that we no longer think of ourselves as potential prey, even when the predators do. I lived in rural South America for a while, and any peasant parent would have gotten a baby (and the new lambs) out of harm's way if they saw a condor flying overhead.
@46 Very true. In fact, I was out with the telescope last night, so I can confirm that Ganymede is still under Jupiter's control.
@35 That can only mean one thing Ricardo... I'm your mother !

(just kidding)
@30: so this is a direct result of mothers working outside the home?
That is horrifying! I'm glad that the eagle weren't able to fly the kid even higher. I feel terrible for that poor kid.