As ranked by Northwest Film Forum's director of children's programming, Liz Shepard. I point the list out for two reasons: It's nice to have your writing treasured by readers and this makes a great read if you're looking for an end of the year movie recommendation or a laugh. For example:

#5 — June 15, 2011, “I Didn’t See The Tree of Life but I Hate It”
“I heard from someone who may or may not be reliable that Malick’s film has a boy narrator. This boy talks to God, asking deep questions like: Why am I here? How did I get here? Where are you? Now, it’s very possible The Tree of Life has no such thing, no boy talking to God. But even if this is the case, it still sounds like something you’d expect to find in a Malick film. It’s Malickian for a boy (innocence) to talk to God (experience). How heavy and dull. How Heideggerian. How Eckhartian. How Lutheran. Indeed, wasn’t it Luther who went on and on about keeping life silent so that he could hear (be open to) the word of God? Pure mystical nonsense.”

My favorite Mudede moment of 2012 wasn't printed in the paper, it came in the form of a mass e-mail Mudede sent to coworkers titled "Mudede in tears." I feared the worst when I opened it:

yes, tears in my eyes. i just watched 22 episodes of trapped in the closet and laughed so much, so hard that tears filled my eyes. not even the death of my parents put tears in my eyes. the stuttering pimp was more than i could take. lord have mercy. long live r.kelly.