I'm Not a Fan of Madonna's Music


"I've got a $100 ticket that says shut the fuck up and dance, princess."
Doesn't look like the Material Girl is exactly packing them in anymore.
@2 Since the title clearly says soundcheck, and the stage is covered, I'd say that this is some sort of deal where people can watch soundcheck before the actual show.
2 and 3, please continue your thrilling conversation. Off topic: I am a Madonna fan, 9 times out ten. Go suck it Dan, you Divas have to get over yourselves
He's looking at you like that because you are a "stupid fucking idiot." And a washed-up, old hack. Now shut the fuck up and dance for your dinner while he enjoys his smoke, grandma!
Wow, #4, who pissed on your copy of "True Blue"?
...this video has been removed by the user.

Can somebody who saw it tell me what happens?
@2 72 out of 72 dates sold out.

@7 Someone who paid several hundred dollars to watch Madonna lipsynch was smoking a cigarette during sound check. She threatens to call of the show if they don't stop and says a bunch of other self-righteous bullshit and then I stopped watching.
@6 I get your point, but I never bought any of her records
I liked True Blue...it was her last good album before she started to suck donkey cock and lose all talent.

I wonder if Karlee knew that person...

My Aunt smoked these. I used to stay with her for a few weeks in the summer when I was a teen and managed to sneak quite a few of them over the years (LOL). They aren't the best cigarette, but they're alright.


Another relatively satisfied smoker of Misty Full Flavor


This is way off topic, but if you go to Google now, you get a graphic commemorating the 200th anniversary of Grimm's Fairy Tales. And if you click on the graphic, it will advance through a series of illustrations.
Oh, and I just realized it's Red Riding Hood.
Dan snubbed me at Sea-Tac on Tuesday morning. Walked right on by, just like in that Dionne Warwick song. Of course, I had my street look on, which is quite different than my slog look, so I don't blame him. No one notices middle-aged men.
Oh, Catalina! I'm so bad with faces. Please say hi next time we walk past each other!
No worries, Dan dearest. It was (for me, at least) early, and I literally was just standing there like the proverbial bump on a log, torn between my usual morning caffeine or my usual airport alcohol (which is why I don't generally book morning flights). It wasn't until you were past me that It dawned on me that it was you, and by then it would have been hopelessly schoolgirlish of me to run after you.
@17--Irish coffee! Spanish coffee! Pirate coffee! (Coffee, rum, cream & sugar)
I saw the show. Wunderbar.
How can you approve of this? It's clear that she was just embarrassed that her umbrella blew in and she reacted in the only way she knew how to avoid embarrassment: by belittling someone else.
@22 you should tell your sister's mother to go buy herself some edumacation
She complains that someone in a country where Spanish is the primary language is looking at her "like a stupid fucking idiot" while she rants in English. What a cow. "Entiendes?" Is one of the few words non-Spanish speaking people learn for dealing with their Hispanic maids and gardeners. It comes in so handy when you're bitching out the help.