Beyond Goldy's wise suggestion below, another aspect of the request by the NRA's Wayne LaPierre for the Government to put armed cops in every school in the country: it's the logical dead-end/culmination of so many gun-nut fantasies. The hard-core Second Amendment types who claim they need to be armed to save themselves from potential government tyranny? You'd think they'd be the last people to ask the Gummint to put armed agents of oppression . . . er, cops . . . in every school across this great and free land.

Would these cops arrive to work in black helicopters? Hope so.

And of course, it's not just schools that are gun-free zones or the sites of gun violence. The "logic" here—that only an armed good guy can stop an armed bad guy—requires armed guards in any sort of place there has been mass murder by firearm. Which, God Bless America, is EVERYFUCKINGPLACE: highways, trains, malls, work-places, movie theaters: you cannot name a sort of public or semi-public place that hasn't been the site of a gun massacre. Not to mention domestic violence in private homes: a chicken in every pot, an armed guard in every home! Armed guards everywhere, please. These morons would turn America into the very oppressive police state they claim they want to protect themselves against.

But this is what they really fantasize: a Hobbesian War of All against All, where they win because they have superior firepower.