Footage of Knife Attack at Chinese School Is Awful but not Unwatchable



I wouldn't want to watch the video for any of these other attacks, some of which resulted in "mass shooting" numbers of deaths. You're picking cherries here, Charles, and they are bitter indeed.
I am willing to entertain the idea that it is compounding the tragedy that none of the families of children or teachers killed let us see the results of being shot by such weapons before the funeral(s), a la the bravery of Emmitt Till's mother.

What say slogsters?
From wikipedia: "Following the Chenpeng school attack, the Chinese government began posting security guards in schools throughout the country. It is planned that all schools will have a security guard by 2013."

If we're going to follow the China model, the NRA might be on the right track
Anyone with even a pound of courage would have gone straight for Lanza and at the very least, attempted to stop him. It is literally the only thing do. There is no excuse (including saving your own life) to do nothing in the face of violence against children. Yes, I know what I am talking about. Yes, I have put my life on the line in the face of extreme violence to defend another person. It doesn't make me a hero at all, far from it. It just makes clear that seeing and experience violence over the years (by no fault of my own) made me able to handle it and keep my mind clear and do what anyone would do if they were not panicking. I'd put my life on the line for any of you, trolls included...
Shorter #4: "Fucking cowardly first graders and their feminized teachers."
If they want to put security guards in schools there, then they need to stop cutting funding for education in public schools which results in teachers getting laid off and not being paid well. While we're on this topic, why not raise the awareness of actually praising teachers for what they do and give them the respect that they fully deserve.
@4 Which is, BTW, EXACTLY what the school principal and the school psychiatrist did. It did no good, but they did rush him. I know at least one of those cowardly teachers put her kids in the closet and when she couldn't fit, she stayed out and instead of making a suicide run, she told the gunman that the kids were in the gym, which saved their lives and cost her hers. But hey! better a roomful of dead kids and a noble, suicidal rush the gunman than a classroom full of live kids and and a teacher making sure they stayed that way.

Sorry, perhaps I didn't explain myself correctly. I know little of the shooting, with the holidays, I just don't have the stomach to churn on this (I have too much on my plate already), but surely, I was not implicating anyone in this particular shooting, and yes, those people you mention are true heros in every sense. Even if it did little or nothing, to me, that is the most honorable thing I have heard in a long time. I am heartened by this aspect of the tragedy, and I am very glad you told me, otherwise I would not have known. Thank you, and Merry Christmas.

I'm sorry if it seemed liked I was implicating cowardice, I intended nothing of that sort, it was just more of a response to Charles talk of sanity and challenging an AR15 with a broom, for truly, IMO, to challenge him was the only sane thing to do for the children's sake, and they apparently did just that, and for that, I am eternally grateful and hope their example inspires others.
Who the hell filmed this?

Pretty obviously stationary security footage.
@3, armed guards? i can't find an article that says: guards with guns.

You know, it's great to have these fantasies about protecting kids by stepping in the way of gunmen and other crazies, but as I drive on Kent-Kangley Road, I see many, many vehicles driving 10, 15, 25 miles or more over the speed limit...many of them minivans and dorkily cubic SUVs...things no single person would be caught inside of.

Just last month on Central Avenue, a middle school girl on a bike was hit and dragged into the street by an SUV and the driver ran off leaving her there. On and on it goes...the daily small acts of recklessness. The extreme fumes on the school bus. The HFCS in the drinks.

You want to throw yourself on a grenade and be a hero?

Fight for traffic safety.
@3: most schools already have security guards. mine had one in the 70s.
I think security starts in middle schools here, at least in my neighborhood. Not armed.
Makes me think of the guy at Cafe Racer that threw the stool.

Can you imagine a discussion turned towards the state of mental health care in this country instead of a bunch of comfortable white men bitching about omg that other guy over there, he's got a gun!