General "Stormin' Norman" Schwarzkopf, Dies at Age 78


Can't wait for the third Gulf War under the third President Bush!
Oh, and Bush Sr. is currently in the hospital with a nasty case of bronchitis... he's also 88. (link)
I'm in shock. And awe. I was laboring under the misapprehension that old soldiers never died.
@1, Excellent!
Too young to know Stormin' Noman? 1991 wasn't THAT long ago...
@5: 21 years ago, to be exact. So there may be kids sittin' around in bars, having a beer right now, who have no idea what the fuck you talkin' about.
He was the man responsible for pool reporting, so the death of independent journalism (and our "free" press) can be attributed more to him than any other human being on the planet. Good riddance.
Even if Bush Senior goes soon, we still have Cheney, Quayle, and Pete Williams, as well as Clarence Thomas.
@6: No excuse. "Kids" should know history.
He also coordinated the invasion of Grenada. Quite the hero.
I'm not arguing that kids shouldn't know history. (They should.)

I'm arguing that 1991 is a good while ago now, almost a generation ago, you might say.
@7: still better than sellout-whore General Lower-Intestine Powell. Plus his Philadelphia accent totally rocked.
@7 & 10 Go fuck yourselves. He had family. He had friends. Seriously, fuck off.
More Barracks would be in order, sir, lessin' you want our boys to bunk out in your latrine.
@13 - Gladly, thanks. He was a war mongering man. Period. Always HAPPY to see his type gone, and those that ignore history (as they say) are doomed to repeat it. I would like to see this country *not* at war some day... Every villain has friends and family btw, so spare me the yawnathon. I'm drinking bubbles tonight in celebration, and I will when ghwb goes as well.
Yawnathon? Spare me your internet shitspeak and grow a soul. And by the way, when you die, no one but you friends, assuming to have any, and family will give a flying fuck. Schwarzkopf will have biographies. You won't.
And before the typical SLOG grammar police correct me I meant "you're friends" and "assuming you".
Oh fuck, "your". Jesus fuck.
@16 biographies, huh? He's sucking Saddam's cock in hell right now. But hey, biographies.
How does having friends and a family and biographies make someone a decent human being? Didn't Hitler have all of those things? (Boom, Godwin!)
@16/17/18 - Well, if the lack of Schwarzkopfesque bio upon my demise means that I didn't trade blood for oil or gut my country's free press, you know what? I'm going to be OK with that. You. Are. A. Pawn.
He also blamed the US failures in Vietnam on the peace movement. And disowned his sister for opposing the Vietnam War. Quite the hero.
Yeah, you know all the people who were slaughtered under this asshole's command had friends and family, too. Fuck him.
Raise your hand if you still have Desert Storm trading cards.…
Typical SLOG assholes.
@25 In not one of your posts (well, perhaps #18) do you exemplify the kind of behavior you demand in others. You are foul-mouthed, insulting, and display a very low level of emotional maturity. If you want people to show respect, you must show respect as well. Calling people names, insulting them only demonstrates that your moral position has no value to it; that you are incapable of perceiving morality beyond the toddler level.
I can't perceive morality because I throw a few names around? You must be new to SLOG. Bye.
that didn't take long to devolve into name-calling!

there are way bigger GF1 war criminals than Schwarzkopf still about, one in particular trundling his artificial heart about in Jackson Hole. Schwarzkopf, or any general, like even vaunted GF2 genius Petraeus, seems more like he's just doing his job, but much of his job was morally indefensible - slaughtering retreating soldiers on the Highway of Death, for instance.

come on, slog - can't you just shut up & "support the troops"!
@27 morality is not perceptible, it's imputed. People rightly feel *morally* outraged at the loss of life over our string of adventures and then the requisite hero worship this country enforces even for leaders who know better--your reaction being a prime example of morally reprehensibile elite ass-kissing.
Norm's daddy:…

But Schwarzkopf Sr.’s greatest (some would say, most infamous) accomplishment would come a few years later 2,000 miles away from central Europe -- in Iran.

In August 1953, through the auspices of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and British intelligence, in cooperation with forces loyal to Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran, the popularly-elected Prime Minister of Iran, Mohammad Mosaddegh, was forcibly removed from power.

Mossadegh's “crime” had been to support the nationalization of Iran's key oil industry -- a grave affront to British oil companies. The 1953 coup not only ended Iran's attempt to control its own hugely lucrative petroleum sector, but likely also killed any chances for Iran developing into a democratic society.

(sgt_doom's comments: Kermit Roosevelt, the CIA dood in charge of the team, would later go on to employment as the vice-chairman of Gulf Oil (owned by the Mellon family), and after that as an international "troubleshooter" for the oil cartel (presumably that meant Rockefeller-Mellon-Morgan, etc.

Further interesting to note that the well-known newspaper columnist at that time, Joseph Alsop, was Kermit Roosevelt's cousin, as another well-known columnist, Cleveland Amory, had a brother who was deputy director at the CIA. It is a small world after all, huh?

BTW, that British oil company today is called BP, and was owned then --- probably still is --- half by the British gov't [wonder who owns them???] and the other half split among the Rockefeller family, the Mellon family and the Rothschild family.)

@ 15 Actually if you delve deeper into his bio you see that he wanted to limit how far we went in Gulf War I to limit causalities and was pretty critical of Gulf War II due to how far it went. But please lump all people in the military as war mongerors, please continue to be superficial and continue to live up to the stereotype of the left.
@31: why do you join the military, and become a general, if you don't have at least a threshold level of tolerance for mongering war, then? he wanted to limit the mongering, but he mongered all the same.
@20 Way to play the Hitler card. That always carries a lot of credibility.
The truest test of any general is his adoption of a charming, alliterative nickname.