Brace Yourselves for Another Eyman Initiative: Initiative 517 would "add six months to the time that initiative backers in Washington have to collect signatures and get on the ballot" as well as create a "harassment-free zone of 25 feet around signature gatherers and make it a misdemeanor crime to intimidate or interfere with signature gathering," reports the Seattle Times.

Tow Truck Drivers Sue Seattle: For capping their fees, which have been known to reach $2,000.

Slow News Week: Washington woman falls into well, is rescued.

Washington's Top News Stories of 2012: They may not be the most read by readers—and half of them are still about death—but these top 10 stories are a lot more interesting than the weather.

Homeless Suspect Wanted for Alleged Rape of 80-year-old Kirkland Woman: "The elderly victim had just returned to her home... and was closing the door when she saw a man quickly coming at her. Suspecting he was salesman, she tried to close the door, but the man barged in and threw the victim to the floor, police said." Wait, nevermind! The suspect was arrested early this morning.

Man Allegedly Drives Truck Into Ex-Wife's House, Shoots Her: Luckily (?) this responsible gun owner didn't file a fatal round, he only shot her in the hand while her three children ran for their lives.

Courtin' That Cliff: Passing a measure to avoid our nation's looming end o' the year fiscal cliff wouldn't be possible without the cooperation of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. So where is he?

Taliban Going Soft? "At informal talks last week in France with Afghan government officials and members of the political opposition, Taliban representatives said the militant group wasn't looking to monopolize power and would be willing to govern with other factions. They also promised to grant rights to women and ethnic minorities, which they have violently repressed." I smell trickery.

Tea Workers Burn Boss to Death: Over a labor and housing dispute.

And finally, go watch this interview with Matt Stone and Trey Parker on their Broadway hit, The Book of Mormon, which is coming to Seattle in January!