Goldy mentioned it earlier this week, but Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID) was arrested on Sunday after being pulled over for running a red light. The Mormon legislator from my home state subsequently registered a .11 BAC. This is big news in Idaho, where I am currently stationed as Part-time Girl Reporter, Full-time Drinker.

Crapo has apologized, saying he's "deeply sorry" and he'll accept total responsibility for whatever penalties arise from his DUI, but his apology is being met with mixed reactions from Idaho constituents. Here's what some people in my living room and on the sidewalk and other places had to say:

My mother: "He's about four DUIs behind your bio dad, so that's a grudge I can't realistically hold. His voting record is unforgivable, though."

A Mormon man named Frank: "I don't think it's my place to judge. Everyone makes mistakes."

Some guy at Albertson's: "He's all like, 'I'm a Mormon, my middle names is John Rootbeer Smith,' but he can drive drunk and just apologize to God and everybody? I say take away his driver's license and his planet."

A pedestrian: "At least he's drinking like a man and not tap dancing his way through bathroom stalls."

Idaho voters are clearly conflicted. The only question remains: