The FBI has arrested a woman suspected of lying about her connection to a victim of the Newtown school shooting earlier this month to collect donations from charitable citizens looking for a way to contribute in the wake of the massacre.
The emotion we express at this kind of thing, this kind of lowness (how low can you go?), is disgust—a human social emotion that has its roots in the tongue. But what this woman did is in reality no different from what life does all of the time. This is how it works. This is how it's been for billions of years. Anything dead can be reabsorbed into the uncountable processes of living matter. Life is only about life. Life does not care a hoot about death. Yet we humans are disgusted by this very fact of life when it appears in its social form. The natural reaction we have to putrid things is the emotion we express to people who exploit our kindness, our suffering, our pain. We have indeed rebelled against life. This is a part of being human. This is our sociality.