Family Planning for Free: The Philippines passed a new law that offers free access to contraception for citizens.

Crazy redneck sheriff Joe Arpaio says he plans to send an armed volunteer posse to patrol schools that fall under his jurisdiction.

Jay Inslee is shopping for cabinet members. I'm looking at you, future Employment Security commissioner.

Can't Buy Common Sense: A guy posing as an undercover cop in Volunteer Park is suspected to have stolen a credit card and cash after victims handed their wallets over for inspection.

Toward Justice: New Delhi police have charged six suspects accused of fatally raping a young woman aboard a moving bus.

Babes in Toy Land: If you've ever wondered what photos of people making toys in China might look like, Happy Saturday.

Obama signed the Countering Iran in the Western Hemisphere Act, mandating that the State Department develop a confidential plan to stifle the dubious Iranian menace in Latin America.

More Airplane WiFi: The FCC stepped toward allowing even more commercial air passengers to tap into mid-flight wireless internet.

Thank Me Later: Craft your own bacon.