Last night, just after House Republicans failed to stop the fiscal cliff compromise, those same House Republicans pulled a Hurricane Sandy relief bill from a floor vote. It was such a mess that Republican Peter King went on an amazing tirade against Republicans on Fox News.

I don't understand what the Republican strategy is, here. So after a solid month of very public whining and tough-talk, they basically give President Obama everything he wants. Their party leaders are publicly sniping at each other. And then they refuse to consider a disaster relief bill that should be a slam dunk? The one thing Republicans always have going for them is solidarity, but it seems that the 2012 elections have even taken that from them.

UPDATE 11:29 AM: And right now, Chris Christie is holding a press conference blasting House Republicans for not passing the relief bill. He reportedly just called John Boehner "disappointing and disgusting." I'll get video up on Slog as soon as it materializes.