The Glenn Beck lovers at The Blaze think this sign will single-handedly save us all from mass shootings.

The comment thread is an accurate example of the conservative pro-gun blogosphere right now: Detached from reality, highly political, and riddled with the belief that the only way to save yourself from a nut with a gun is to give guns to all the nuts.

I bet no one try’s to rob his place!

Will drive extra miles if I have to just to patronize any business that posts this sign. Love it!

The only thing worse than a Child Molester is a Liberal. the only thing worse than a Liberal is a Democrat. the only thing worse than a Democrat is a Progressive.

u s army veteran, loves that sign, just wish michigan would o same

Lincolin shouldn’t have armed the North; he should have armed the Slaves.

Hummm. Me thinks me will plagiarize hehehe

Already have this posted at the cabin.

I know I feel safer taking my family into businesses that allows C &C ..
those with signs that read: No weapons allowed.. I tell them , no thanks.. I’ll go elsewhere & be SAFE with licensed , responsible gun OWNERS , rather then take my chances on a lunatic coming in with guns a blazing & no one there to defend me !

America is still the greatest, freest country on earth. To know I can look my children in the eyes and promise them that I am willing and capable of defending them against real monsters is a great honor. Unlike Bobby Cowardly Costas who bizarrely claims he would NOT have wanted a gun in the Aurora theater (to defend his wife or children), or unlike the parents of Norway who allowed the government to castrate them as real adults capable of defending innocent life – I have the power and the right to defend innocent life. Thank you, Founders for expressing my God-given right to own.