This sticker is on the back of a parking sign:


We've heard this chatter around town—Mayor McSchwinn is making us pay for a stadium so rich people can get richer!!—-and I suspect we'll hear more of it during the mayor's race. But the city isn't really giving away money. In an attempt to bring back the Sonics, the city is essentially just offering its bonding capacity (because it will recoup its contribution), and the primary investor, Chris Hansen, has given Seattle a personal financial guarantee. So you won't pay for the stadium unless you spend money at it. But, you know, some people still want to get angry at our hippie mayor—like he's the architect of America's wealth disparity. Ignore Paul Allen, Jeff Bezos, Frank Blethen, Steve Ballmer and the other wealthy assholes who backed a regressive tax system that gut education and health care. McGinn is the enemy? That's absurd.