Right-wing talk radio host Michael Weiner (who is apparently trying to hitch his wagon to Dan's star by taking the stage name "Michael Savage") thinks that Teabaggers need to separate from the Republicans and become a third, nationalist political party, BuzzFeed says.

"The Tea Party is the rudiment of the new nationalist party," he said. "Somebody has to bring them all together, unite them like King David did the ancient tribes of Israel. And there is no King David out there. Who’s the King David? Tell me who is going to do it?...There is no Republican party. It’s an appendage of the Democrat machine as we’ve all just seen. It’s two card Monte, as we all know. It’s a game being played against the American people. You’ve got the drunk Boehner on the one side, and the quasi-pseudo-crypto Marxist on the other, who is really just enjoying the ride in Hawaii right now, representing his factions," he said.

I'm all for Weiner's Party. How can Democrats make this happen?