Over at 4th Letter, David Brothers is writing daily posts about Django Unchained all week long. Django is a complicated movie about maybe the most complicated subject in America, and it's good to see Brothers, who can be an incredibly incisive blogger, digging deep into it. (If you're looking for a takedown, you'll have to go somewhere else; Brothers is plainly a fan of the movie.)

I knew Brothers and Django were going to be a great fit when I read this passage from the first post, which was published yesterday:

Jimmy’s just one of the slurs in Django Unchained. Crow, black, nigger, pony, and so on… it’s fascinating. It’s easy to forget that racism isn’t as simple as somebody hating someone else over the color of their skin. It’s bigger than that. It’s a system. Language is just the first line of attack.

I've never read it explained quite that clearly, or quite that concisely. Today's post is right here. Brothers promises five more essays, each posted every day at 9 am. I'm really looking forward to reading all these.