When Seattle and King County kicked off their new gun buyback program this morning, they already had $70,000 worth of pledges toward their initial $100,000 goal. Well, they just got most of the rest of the way there with a $25,000 donation from Leslie and Nick Hanauer.

Of course, that's no reason to stop fundraising. "We would like to make this a sustainable program," Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn said earlier today, and that would mean sustained financial support. So here's hoping a few more of our region's well-heeled corporations and individuals chip in. And if you want to throw a few bucks toward getting some guns off the streets, please give directly to the Seattle Police Foundation.

UPDATE: According to a new press release, contributions to the gun buyback program have now surpassed $108,000, thanks to an additional $10,000 pledge from the UW Medical Center, and a handful of donations from the following nightlife establishments:

· Jason Lajuenesse of Big Mario's - $500
· Jeff Steichen, Batch 206 Distillery - $100
· Neumos - $250
· Quentin Ertel of Havana - $250