The rumors have been swirling since late last night that the long anticipated sale of the Sacramento Kings to Chris Hansen and his Seattle-based ownership group is all but a done deal. Yahoo Sports NBA columnist Adrian Wojnarowski has been tweeting details on an alleged deal all morning, but the Seattle Times' Bob Condotta has not been able to get anybody involved to confirm or deny the rumors.

So right now the news is that there's a rumor that there might be news.

According to Wojnarowski, the Kings would move to Key Arena for the 2013-2014 season, and play there for two seasons until the new Sodo arena is built. The selling price is reportedly $500 million, well above the $300 million market value Forbes estimated last year.

The Kings have been an obvious target ever since a Sacramento arena deal fell through last year, and while Hansen was always cagey when asked directly about the prospects, he certainly exuded confidence that he would successfully acquire a team. So I'd say this rumor has the air of truthiness to it. I guess we'll all know soon.