Representative Richard DeBolt (R-TransAlta): You know, I see this opportunity gap, and its funny to me.
  • Goldy | The Stranger
  • Representative Richard DeBolt (R-TransAlta): "You know, I see this opportunity gap, and it's funny to me."

Dom and I drove down to Olympia for the AP's annual pre-session leadership panels, mostly for the free coffee and donuts, but also to hear what the legislative leadership has to say about the coming session. But mostly for the coffee and donuts, which, unfortunately, I keep regurgitating every time Republicans Richard DeBolt and Rodney Tom open their mouths.

I promised to behave myself, so no shoe flinging or derisive cheers, but the heartburn and frequent eye-rolls are entirely involuntary. "Deep breaths," Dom keeps advising me. "Deep breaths."

Both DeBolt and Tom are sticking to the Republican talking points (DeBolt more slavishly, because, well, he has less capacity to stroll) that essentially seek to exploit the McCleary decision as an opportunity for gutting the rest of state government. For all the talk of bipartisanship, such an ideal is clearly impossible when there isn't an honest partner across the table. "We can't make Washington more expensive," emphasizes DeBolt.

Deep breaths.