I always buy the Hanukah themed Ziploc containers, even though I am not Jewish.
  • I always buy the Hanukah-themed Ziploc containers, even though I am not Jewish.

German tradition has it that eating sauerkraut on New Year's Day will bring a year of blessings and good luck, so every year on New Year's Day, I eat sauerkraut, usually on an apple-sage Field Roast link, with mustard. I can't attest to its voodoo efficacy, but it is delicious.

But then there comes the moment about ten days later, when I come upon a mysterious food storage container lurking at the back of the refrigerator, and I open it, and it is the remainder of the can of sauerkraut I opened nearly two weeks prior, and it is terrible.

I suppose I could make a New Year's resolution to steal single-serving sauerkraut packages from the food courts of malls and airports and avoid the world of sauerkraut storage entirely. But I'm a stickler for tradition, and the 10-days-later discovery now seems as important as the eating of the sauerkraut.

The end.

Love, Erma Bombeck

P.S. If anyone wants half a Ziploc container of old sauerkraut, I know a guy.