Senator Steve Hobbs (D-Lake Stevens) is one of three Senate Democrats who jumped at the table scraps tossed them by the Republican majority, choosing to keep his Financial Institutions, Housing & Insurance Committee rather than displaying unity with his caucus. But don't you worry, Hobbs, assures us in a statement, that doesn't mean that he in any way supports the Republican majority:

“Let me first say that I am still and always will be a Democrat. My decision to remain chairman of the committee I have chaired the last two years was not based at all on politics, it was based on the decision that I believe I am the best qualified and most experienced person available for this task.

“This decision does not mean I have aligned myself with or promised anything to the Republican Majority. I will vote as I always have – with the best interests of the 44th District in mind and not to accommodate any political party or organization. The people who sent me here are the only people I am beholden to.

“We have serious work to do in Olympia and a short time available in which to do it. I hope that all sides can put politics aside, at least for 105 days, and get to work on the issues that face Washingtonians.”

Gee. If only the Seahawks had persuaded the Falcons to put football aside, they might still be in the playoffs.