Slog tipper treacle sent over these photos of Seattle Grrrl Army's latest mural, found last week at the Stewart/Denny triangle. The feminist art collective popped up last summer by painting an elaborate pink mural denouncing "rape culture" against a wallpapered backdrop of PosterGIANT promo material.

PosterGIANT hushing up about rape; just like our culture.
  • Slog tipper treacle
  • "PosterGIANT hushing up about rape; just like our culture."

"The original graffiti was covered over in about 36 hours," treacle writes. Last Thursday, "SGA returned and executed the 'reply' to alleged Poster Giant's re-cover of the original work."

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  • Slog tipper treacle

  • Slog tipper treacle

It's nice to see that Grrrl Army's war against rape culture (and PosterGIANT) is alive and kicking, even in this dismal weather.