900,000 People Are Watching on the Mall: But you can see the second inaugural at Northwest African Museum, Town Hall, or Cafe Presse this morning at 8:30.

Cornel West Is Pissed That Barack's Putting His Hand on MLK's Bible This Morning: "You don't play" with the black tradition that challenges power in all its colors. He says to President Obama, "What would you say about the new Jim Crow?... Martin doesn't like that. ...We want the subversive power to be heard."

Paul Constant Is Thinking About Obama 2.0, Too: And you should really read his essay. "On the one hand, it's the celebration of a resounding victory over the Paleolithic conservative movement that has erupted in this country like a bad case of thrush. On the other hand, it's a national confirmation of a president who has done a lot of things in his first term that I find morally repugnant."

Obama-Themed Art: In Detroit and D.C. museums.

Juvenile Justice in Washington State: It sees color.

Under Way: The Indian rape trial.

Bombings and an Eight-Hour Gunfight: The second coordinated attack in Kabul in five days.

The Texas Attorney General: G'head and move down to Texas with your guns, folks. Bye!

Flying planes: Over the new, taller South Lake Union.

It'll Be the 49ers and Ravens: Super Bowl XLVII, February 3.

"Is 'Breaking the Seal' a Real Thing?": All we know for sure is that your sphincter does not contract when you drink liquor.

How Animals Die: An interview with a man studying the subject.

Zero Dark Thirty: "[A]nother story of imperial empire with a (white) female twist."

What Will Come of the Stealth Movie Shot at Disneyland?: Surrealism at Epcot.

Somebody reminded me yesterday what good stuff this is.