As has been well documented, Slog Nerd Happy Hour was much fun last time around—with people playing everything from Settlers and Dixit to Dungeon! and a crunchy-looking game that simulated the McCain-Obama campaign.

By popular demand, we've hammered out plans to make it A Thing—the last Friday of every month, starting THIS FRIDAY from 5 to 9, at Raygun Lounge, through 2026 or however long we can maintain a Slog nerd quorum for playing board and card games.

We're also going to keep trying to bring in game design-y guests each month, and we've got a great one for this Friday: Fire Opal Media game producer Jay Schneider, whose work you may know from the original Duels of the Planeswalkers. Jay is producing the new deck-building game Shadowrun: Crossfire, and he's going to bring out an early version for a sneak preview and some playtesting. Cyber-elves plus deck-building plus an absurdly good design team? Yes, please.

SHadowrun is traditionally set in Seattle. You know, FWIW.
  • Shadowrun is traditionally set in Seattle. You know, FWIW.

The Stranger Testing Department is Rob Lightner and Paul Hughes.