Sent last night to I, Anonymous:

I don't care if the HBO TV show Girls is a pro-body image example for girls. It is extremely unrealistic. There is no way a girl looking like Lena Dunham could date that many attractive dudes—in MANHATTAN! C'Mon! I'm writing this anonymously because if I were to go on my Facebook page with a rant regarding how unattractive Lena Dunham is, and that yes she may be a talented writer, with a seriously overactive imagination for thinking any of the dudes they cast to "date" her on the show would ever date her in real life—most people would get mad at me for posting such a negative POV, and resent me and think I am a completely mean-spirited and superficial person—which I'm not. Although, I am jaded and very realistic about the level of attractive guys, a beautiful face and a great body will get you in this world versus a very plain face and flabby body. . . I say anonymously—Lena Dunham is a fraud and not an example because that stupid show is so unrealistic.

P.S. Here is a photo of Lena Dunham's actual boyfriend.