Pastor Scott Lively has republished a column warning that “the First Amendment is under siege” by the gay rights movement which seeks “to crush [civil rights] under the heels of its pink jackboots.” Lively, best known for his work promoting Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill, said that the Constitution is the only document "still standing as a barrier to the homosexual agenda” and that “true human rights will be finished in America (and by extension the rest of the western world)” if “the First Amendment falls to the ‘gays.’”

"True human rights," Lively writes, "spring from and epitomize the biblical world view."

Someone with a truly biblical worldview, of course, takes a favorable view of slavery, murdering your disobedient children, selling your spare daughters into slavery, stoning your non-virgin girls to death on their wedding nights, and on and on. Okay, now let's try to make sense of this:

Moreover, this "right to sodomy" actually undermines true human rights, as exemplified by the collapse of the Magna Charta in the United Kingdom. The first principle of that venerable human rights document declares that "The English Church shall be free." This principle, established in the bedrock of British jurisprudence in 1215, stood unshakable for nearly 800 years until the rise of the "gay" movement which has in just the past decade achieved the power to redefine religious liberty as "homophobia" and to crush it under the heels of its pink jackboots.

No one is attempting to "redefine religious liberty" as "homophobia." Some religious people are homophobic, and some homophobes justify their bigotry with religion, but not all religious people are homophobes. Haters like Lively and Tony Perkins and Peter LaBarbera have attempted to make "Christian" and "homophobe" synonymous, of course, while gay people take pains to make a distinction between Christians and rightwing assholes like Lively who use Christianity as a cover for their bigotry.

And equality under the law for LGBT people isn't going to interfere with the "religious liberty" of rightwing Christian bigots like Lively. Unless you define "religious liberty" as the right to impose your own religious beliefs on others—which is exactly how Lively defines it—equality for LGBT citizens will in no way interfere with a bigot's "religious liberty."

So you won't be dragged to any legal gay weddings in chains, Scott, we promise.

There are plenty of churches out there that will marry same-sex couples. Lively doesn't want those same-sex marriages recognized because his church disapproves. Lively believes that "religious freedom" means the freedom to impose his religious beliefs on all. If anyone is interfering with the free exercise of religion around here it's Lively.