Forty Years Ago Today, Roe v. Wade Was Decided: Yet "patients today are having a harder time than ever before obtaining abortion services." I'll be at Town Hall tonight, listening to Sarah Weddington, the lawyer who argued the case at age 27, talk about reproductive freedom for the future. The event is sold out, but we'll be sure you hear what happened.

But They Can Afford It Because They Had It So Good Anyway: Violence against women on the rise in Afghanistan.

"Daddy, Why Aren't We the Healthiest?": A child's response to the news that Washington did not make the list of top-five healthiest states. "Because of Leavenworth," her father responded. "Crazy sausage eaters."

What They're Calling the "Sleepiest" Election in Israel History: Netanyahu expected to roll right back in, with ultranationalism on the rise.

Car Bombings Around Baghdad: 17 people killed, dozens more wounded.

Headline of the Day: "Zimbabwe: Big Blast at Sorcerer's House Kills 5."

Also Good: "Death penalty for Bali drugs granny."

Mutiny at the Information Ministry in Asmara: Therefore it's understandably hard to get information about what's going on in Eritrea.

But Why Would You Want to? It's cold enough to freeze an egg sunny side up in Minnesota.

Confuse the Facial Recognition Software: By wearing these stylish glasses everywhere.

Stuff Besides Fog Will Be Descending from the Sky: Starting tonight, and forever.

Is Texas Losing its Identity?: Wha wha wha?

Deepak Chopra, You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself, Making Nudie Pictures Like That: No more airport nakedness for you!

All Together Now: Give. Us. Money.: A new study on why arts nonprofits are bad at fundraising.

And here's a video of the knife dance from Borrowed Prey—the new work by New York-based, Canadian-born Carrie Ahern that's being performed inside the butcher shop of Rain City Meats at Melrose Market Thursday through Sunday. Tickets. An interview with the artist. Her website.